Welcome to Banks Athens GA. You’re probably here today because you’re looking for the best bank Athens has to offer.

I’ve got information to share with you if you’re looking for banks in Athens GA for your personal banking needs or for your business banking. I will also include the latest updates from the Federal Reserve, American Bankers Association, Georgia Bankers Association, and Mortgage Bankers Association, as well as Consumer Bankers
Association and the National Bankers Association. That’s a lot of information, but soon you will see why I’ve already done the research for you at Banks Athens GA.

When I first moved to Athens and started my own floral business, there were many fine banks to choose from, including Athens First Bank, First American Bank & Trust, SunTrust, Regions, Georgia Bank & Trust, National Bank of Georgia, Wells Fargo Bank, Robins Federal Credit Union, Wachovia, Oconee State Bank, First Citizens, Park Avenue Bank, BB&T, Pinnacle Bank, Bank of America, Bulldog Bank & Trust, First Madison Bank & Trust, and North Georgia Bank, just to name a few. How in the world was I to choose?

To narrow my choices, I started making notes of things that were important to me, such as: Does the bank offer an ATM card for both personal and business accounts? What are the bank’s Friday hours and Saturday hours? What are the inside teller hours? Can I use direct deposit for my paychecks? Does the bank offer online banking? What are the interest rates on personal loans? Do they offer reward checking? Did I get a good first impression of the bank’s branch supervisor and the head teller? Do they have a convenient location to suit my personal needs? All of these things were very important to me because I wanted to be more than just a checking account holder at the bank where I would do business.

Because my floral business was just getting off the ground, I knew there would be things that I would need later, such as a delivery van. Would my bank loan me the money for the van at a better rate than the dealership would offer? I don’t have bad credit, so in my mind there shouldn’t be a problem and I wanted a bank that could handle all my personal needs as well as the future growth of my business. These are the questions I presented to the branch managers at the banks before I made a final decision as to which Athens GA banks to keep on my list and which ones to toss.

Since business checking is a very important part of commercial banking, I researched until I found a bank that would work best for my particular needs. The banking services I chose were with a fast growing bank, and the office manager and I have become great friends through the years of our banking association. If I need to order checks, all it takes is a phone call. My bank also offers credit cards, car loans, boat loans, home equity loans, federal deposit insurance, RV loans, as well as student loans for my upcoming college-bound son. The customer service banking is top-notch, and all my bank related business is taken care of with a smile. There are many banking markets in our area, but I truly believe I’ve found the best banking center Athens GA has to offer.

A friend of mine likes credit unions better than the normal banking system. Plus she likes duplicate checks, interest checking, investment banking, and institutions that offer mortgage loans. In fact, she closed her account at her regular bank a few days ago, and opened a savings account in order to save for her retirement. She can do her small business banking with her credit union, even though she had a couple of bad loans years earlier. She found out that several of her friends who owned local businesses had done some finance banking and investing with one of the credit unions in Athens GA.

When another friend of mine moved to the Athens GA area, she called me and asked me which bank I did business with. I shared my research with her because my banking needs were not the same as her banking needs. She and her husband owned a franchise and were searching for a bank to handle a checking account for issuing paychecks for her employees, plus one that could offer them large loans when they needed extra cash for new equipment. Based on the research I had done, they were finally able to find a bank that offered everything they were looking for, plus they found the branch manager to be very helpful, offering his services to them whenever they needed anything. They’re happy with their Athens GA bank, and I am happy I was able to help them.

For my own personal business account, I get a first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, and fourth quarter summary on a regular basis. And if I were ever in a financial crisis, I know my bank well enough to know they would do all they could to help me out. When choosing banks in Athens GA, hopefully you will check into all the details so that you will feel as comfortable with your local bank as I do with mine. I never worry about inaccurate transactions or my money management. I receive great service, and you can receive great services, too, by choosing wisely. That’s why Banks Athens GA is here—to help you choose wisely according to the products you need. You definitely want the best bank Athens GA has to choose from.

Thanks for visiting Banks Athens GA today. In the near future I will be updating this site with some great videos and will share with you more vital information to help you decide which bank is right for you. I will give you details and recommend a bank to you, so please keep Banks Athens GA in your favorites list. I will help you in your search for things that are important to you, such as deposit capture, investing information, having your own loan calculator, information about notes, plus any research that I have done concerning the stock market and your bank. Please tell your friends about us!